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Graham Barclay Oysters - Forster NSW

Graham Barclay Oysters

They don't come fresher or sweeter! I'm talking about Sydney Rock Oysters farmed at Graham Barclay Oyster Farm. Locals and visitors can purchase the oysters directly from Graham Barclay from the small retail outlet on the premises.

Wallis Lake

Graham Barclay Oysters are a third-generation business producing and suppling some of the finest-quality shellfish grown in Australia. These premium oysters are grown in the pristine waters of Wallis Lake.

Oyster farming began in the Wallis Lake around circa 1900 due to the natural, easily-harvested resources had long been depleted by European settlers.

Forster Sydney Rock Oysters

Modern oyster farmers use turpentine stakes and frames covered in cement and treated to provide protection from marine pests to attract oyster larvae which grow for 2 ½-3 years before they are ‘knocked off’, then returned to the estuary for another 6-12 months of fattening. The next time you tuck in to one of the delicacies just remember it has been four years for the farmer to bring the oyster from catch to sale!

The business is a major economic producer in the Forster-Tuncurry area, contributing about $8 million each year to the local economy. For oyster lovers Forster is the place to visit when you want fresh juicy oysters.

Personally, I prefer just a squeeze of lemon on oysters this fresh.

Graham Barclay Oysters is the leading supplier of fresh, local Sydney Rock Oysters (opened, unopened and bottled).

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