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Lumpy's Landscape Supplies & Plant Nursery Tuncurry

Lumpy's landscape supplies and plant nursery Tuncurry

I've been a regular customer of Lumpy's Landscape Supplies and Plant Nursery ever since I made my sea change to Tuncurry.

As a keen gardener, Lumpy's is one of my favourite places to hang out.

From the moment you pull into the carpark and walk up the beautiful path to the garden centre and gift shop a feeling of tranquility surrounds you.

Tuncurry garden centre

Jeff and Jenny Rodick own this beautiful garden centre and employ two full time horticulturists, one trainee horticulturist and four casuals. Their customer services is exceptional and you are made to feel extremely welcome as you browse through the garden centre.

Gift Stores Tuncurry Forster

There's an amazing range of unique and beautiful pots to choose from in the gift store as well as the correct potting mixes. Speaking of potting mixes, Lumpy's have a wide range of soils and mixes for every garden bed. Or you can choose to buy in bulk for the big jobs from the landscape supplies division of the business.

Lumpy's Tuncurry

The plants are all watered from the bore.

Lumpy's Forster Tuncurry

Lumpy's have a beautiful range of water features for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Garden Centre Forster

You will also find a dog or two in the centre and are happy to have a pat.

Tuncurry Garden Supplies

Browsing through the garden centre takes time and if you look carefully you will find the plants you are looking for.

Forster Garden Centre

For customer's comfort umbrellas are available on wet days and in summer, when the mosquitoes are in full force, spray is on hand to keep you from being attacked.

Nursery Tuncurry Forster

As well as the vast arrange of plants Lumpy's offer outdoor garden furniture, furnishings and ornaments.

Garden Supplies Tuncurry Forster

The centre offers a huge range of plants from herbs, natives, shrubs, roses, trees, citrus and the list goes on.

Landscape Supplies Forster

For shady gardens there's a wide range of shade plants.

Garden Centres Tuncurry Forster

The gift shop offers beautiful ornaments and home decor pieces.

Barrington Coast Garden Centres

The gift store also offers a wide range of beautiful items such as ornaments, waterfalls, chimes, garden gifts, hats and much more. I bought a wind chime today!

Mid North Coast Landscape Centres

Above is one of the plants I bought today to put in my tropical shade garden. The plants in the background are also bought from Lumpy's and many of them I have propageted to make more plants.


PH: (02) 6557 6558 Email:


Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm Saturday: 8am – 3pm Sundays: 10am – 2pm

Closed Public Holidays due to regulations.


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