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I find Aquamarine to be a stone of beauty and calm. It always takes me back to happy memories of visiting lakes, the ocean and rivers. I am fortunate to live in Tea Gardens on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, surrounded by water. Living near water inspires the aquamarine necklace with blue lace agate.


Known for its soothing energy, Aquamarine promotes calmness and tranquillity, making it perfect for those seeking emotional balance.


The Candy Mint Jade accents add a unique touch to this design while providing additional healing properties, such as promoting inner peace and reducing anxiety.


Blue Lace Agate, known for its ability to bring serenity and emotional stability, is also incorporated into this design. It helps with communication and also acceptance. 


The elegant clasp is sterling silver.





Aquamarine Necklace -With Blue Lace Agate

SKU: TY0066
  • Please note crystals do vary in size and colours and therefore the photos on this site may not be the exact shade of the crystal. Once an item is sold I remake another to have in stock and update the photo to try and match the crystals as close as possible to the photo.

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