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Handcrafted in NSW, this Aventurine bracelet has a Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver dolphin plus two other Hill Tribe charms, and silver-plated beads made on memory wire.


Aventurine is a positive stone for prosperity. 


Wear this bracelet for:


  • Prosperity
  • Optimism
  • Expansion of the heart
  • Self-love


Chakra:  Heart


Aventurine is a stone that has been worn for prosperity, with strong connections to the Devic kingdom. Wearing aventurine is thought to absorb electromagnetic pollution.  Aventurine comes in blue, green, red, brown, and peach. This bracelet is made with blue aventurine, which is powerful for calming overactive minds. 


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Aventurine Bracelet With Karen Hill Tribe Charms

SKU: TY0043
  •  Please note crystals do vary in size and colours and therefore the photos on this site may not be the exact shade of the crystal. Once an item is sold I remake another to have in stock and update the photo to try and match the crystals as close as possible to the photo.

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