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These handmade beaded bracelets feature a variety of crystals and a whale tail charm, making them a unique addition to any outfit. Made with durable stretchy elastic, they are easy to take on and off and will hold their shape.


I made this collection from inspiration from my daughter, Grace Carr, who lives at Bondi Beach and helps improve the lives of other women as a personal trainer to have the best body they desire. The colours of these beaded bracelets represent Bondi Beach's beauty. 


Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or stacked with other bracelets, beaded bracelets add a touch of bohemian flair, elegance, or casual charm to any outfit. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these bracelets have cultural significance in many societies, serving as symbols of spirituality, protection, or personal milestones. The versatility and rich history of beaded bracelets make them a timeless and beloved accessory for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Crystal Bracelets: A Symphony of Energies

Step into the world of crystal bracelets, and you'll find a kaleidoscope of colours and energies awaiting you. The crystal-infused beaded bracelets are not just accessories; they are gateways to a realm where the metaphysical meets the fashionable


Each bracelet with beads features a different crystal. Once you click on the crystal choice the corresponding photo will appear.


Howlite: Is a calming. It helps dissipate anger. Use it for sleep improvement and for stillness when meditating. This bracelet has blue beads and white howlite.


Candy Mint Jade: The stone jade represents purity and tranquilly. It represents knowledge acquired in peace. It improves nurturing and affection. Jade is a stone of protection that brings peace and shields the wearer from danger. Jade is a friendship and good luck stone. It encourages self-sufficiency and stabilises the personality.


African Turquoise: Turquoise helps you express your feelings. It brings balance and grounding. Turquoise is also a stone of protection.


Amazonite: A beautiful aqua colour, it brings harmony and emotional healing. Amazonite is a stone of calmness. It assists with communication.


Aquamarine: Another beautiful blue stone, aquamarine helps with communication. It is a soothing stone and helps to release anger. Use it also for trust issues. 


Blue Tiger's Eye:  Helps with courage and confidence. It assists with willpower and determination. 


Peruvian Turquoise: Turquoise is a protective stone. It grounds and balances.




Beaded Bracelet - Bondi Collection

SKU: TY0136

    Flat rate of $10 for all Australian orders. International order $25.



    May vary due to their natural formation so some may look slightly different than in the photos.



    Each item is individually handmade in regional NSW. Nothing is mass-produced.



    Earrings cannot be returned for health reasons. Other items may be returned within 2 days of receipt and a refund will be issued or replacement item. Postage paid by customer.



    Please do not wear in water or to bed.


  • For a full range of the jewellery please visit most of the items are exclusive one-of-a-kind.

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