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Stye your wrist with this stunning Blue Tiger's Eye and Amazonite Bracelet, handcrafted in regional NSW. The deep blue hues of the dyed Tiger's Eye exude courage and confidence, while the soothing shades of Amazonite promote calmness and communication. This unique combination of gemstones makes for a powerful and beautiful accessory that will complement any outfit.


Whether worn for their metaphysical properties or simply for their aesthetic appeal, this bracelet is sure to make a statement. Add a touch of nature's beauty and energy to your ensemble with this exquisite Blue Tiger's Eye and Amazonite Bracelet.


Note: The dyed beads may fade to a lighter shade eventually.


Size: 18cm. If you need a custom size please mention in the notes.

Blue Tiger's Eye and Amazonite Bracelet

SKU: TY0189
  • Please note crystals do vary in size and colours and therefore the photos on this site may not be the exact shade of the crystal. Once an item is sold I remake another to have in stock and update the photo to try and match the crystals as close as possible to the photo.

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