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This stunning Blue Tiger's Eye Necklace is the perfect addition to any crystal jewellery collection. The memory wire design ensures a comfortable fit, while the combination of blue Tiger's Eye and Pressed Turquoise beads create a unique and eye-catching look. The fish pendant, made from Alloy Metal, adds a touch of whimsy to this already beautiful piece. As with all items on our store, this necklace is individually crafted by hand. Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind accessory.



Blue Tiger's Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye, is a gemstone that belongs to the quartz family. It is a variety of Tiger's Eye, which is well-known for its chatoyancy, a phenomenon where the stone exhibits a silky, lustrous band of light that moves across its surface when the stone is turned. The chatoyancy in Tiger's Eye is caused by the reflection of light off parallel inclusions of fibrous minerals, usually crocidolite.


Blue Tiger's Eye gets its blue colour from the presence of iron in the crocidolite fibers. The stone is characterised by its blue-gray to blue-green hues, often with golden or brownish bands that create a striking visual effect. The combination of these colours and the chatoyant bands gives Blue Tiger's Eye a unique and mesmerising appearance.


Metaphysically, Blue Tiger's Eye is believed to have properties that promote balance, clarity, and insight. It is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, which are thought to be linked to communication, intuition, and spiritual awareness. Some people use Blue Tiger's Eye for meditation or wear it as jewellery for its perceived energetic and protective qualities.

Blue Tiger's Eye Necklace With Fish Pendant

SKU: TY0127
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$20.00Sale Price
  •  Please note crystals do vary in size and colours and therefore the photos on this site may not be the exact shade of the crystal. Once an item is sold I remake another to have in stock and update the photo to try and match the crystals as close as possible to the photo.

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