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Ellenborough Falls Mid North Coast

Top of Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere (200 metres). Located on the Bulga Plateau at Elands, Ellenborough Falls is one hour's drive north-west of Taree, through Wingham on Tourist Drive 8. Once past Wingham the road is quite narrow and at times not marked and full of potholes. As you venture along it turns to gravel and the view is spectacular as you wind up the hill. Take caution as you drive as there are a couple of rivers to cross on your journey to Ellenborough Falls, with speed humps to slow down traffic.

View climbing up towards Ellenborough Falls

On arrival there is plenty of parking, good toilet amenities, picnic tables and a kiosk open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and School Holidays between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. The kiosk has been operating at Ellenborough Falls since 1984 with all food made and baked on premises using local ingredients. The kiosk is 'off the grid' using LPG for the stove, fridge and hot water.

The kiosk has a few tables to sit down to eat, with tablecloths and flowers. I had the vegetable pastie and an organic ginger beer after completing the walk to the bottom of the falls and back. Sitting down to enjoy this meal surrounded by nature was heaven after all my hard work.

Ellenborough Falls Kiosk

So Let's Begin The Tour

Start by walking 80 metres down to the lookout at the top of the falls. As you gaze down the valley you will realise how powerful and beautiful the falls are. Note that sometimes this is not always the case depending on how much rain there has been.

View looking down from the top of Ellenborough Falls

Once you start to head down towards Ellenborough Falls you will make the choice to either go to the Knoll (good choice for people not very fit) and/or go down to the bottom of the Falls (641 steps) and requires a certain level of fitness. I chose to go the the Knoll first then down to the bottom of the Falls. The walk to the Knoll is quite easy and around 400 metres. There are wooden bridges and resting places. If you love rainforest you will certainly enjoy this walk. Make sure you take insect repellent and a bottle of water in the warmer months.

View of Ellenborough Falls from the Knoll

Canopy of trees

There are plenty of interesting things to see on this walk including fauna, birds and termite mounds. The Knoll is directly opposite Ellenborough Falls and the site is sensational.

Termite Mound

For the fitter people the timbered walkway (641 steps) takes you through an interesting walk down to the bottom of the falls. The steps and walkway are narrow but have good handrails. As you walk down you might start to think about the journey back up but don't let that stop you because it is worth it.

Bridges on the walk

Steps winding down to Ellenborough Falls

Fungi on Tree

Keep an eye out for the huge staghorns that grow on some of the trees.

Staghorn on tree

As you step further down the roar of the Falls gets louder.

Then finally you make it the bottom of Ellenborough Falls.

There is a viewing platform and picnic table and you will feel the mist of the water gently touching your face. It is possible to swim here if you don't mind leeches! I took some salt with me just in case. Putting salt on a leech will dislodge it (never pull a leech off).

The power of the water is incredible

Dogs are permitted on a leash

Relax and enjoy this amazing tranquility before....

The walk back up!


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