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  • Deb Carr

Flying to the Mid North Coast NSW with FlyPelican

Fly Pelican Newcaslte
Photo: FlyPelican

FlyPelican is the airline that flies to the Mid North Coast NSW and Newcastle. Based in Newcastle FlyPelican fly passengers from Taree to Sydney. Other routes are Newcastle-Canberra, Newcastle-Ballina (Byron Bay), Newcastle-Dubbo, Canberra-Dubbo, Sydney-Mudgee, Sydney-Taree and Newcastle-Sydney. The planes are 19 seat, British Aerospace Jetstream 32 and they are compact and do not cater for in flight services. When you travel with FlyPelican, you will get to meet the pilots and it's quite exhilarating taking off and landing in these planes.

Fly Pelican Airlines
Photo: @sydneychicblog landing into Sydney

I've found the customer service at FlyPelican to be very good. Check in times are one hour prior to your flight and if you are flying out of Sydney then you need to either wait outside security until the check in opens, or come back out again and check in. Luggage can either go in the hold for heavier items or carry on luggage will be placed in the back locker by the First Officer and returned to you on the tarmac after landing.

Fly Pelican Airlines
Flying out of Sydney via @Sydneychicblog

When flying from Sydney or landing in Sydney there is a bus that takes you to and from the plane.

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