What Forster Tuncurry Looked Like in 1960

Photos supplied by Len Smith.

It's a bit of a mystery! One of our readers, Len Smith, sent a photo of Hewitts Lookout taken in 1960 (below). I've done some looking around on the internet and so far have not been able to establish where Hewitts Lookout actually is. Len says this photo was taken on the Lakes Way.

Len has kindly supplied other photos of Forster Tuncurry also taken in 1960 which I've shared below.

This one taken of Pebbly Beach in 1960 and my photo below of Pebbly Beach 2018.

Wallis Lake 1960 and below 2018.

Below: Wallis Lake 1960 from Tuncurry side.

Below: Main Beach Forster 1960

Below: Main Beach Forster 2018

Below: Forster Wallis Lake 1960

For more history on Forster Tuncurry visit the Great Lakes Museum



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