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Blueys Beach Mid North Coast NSW

Blueys Beach is in the Pacific Palms area of New South Wales and is close to Boomerang Beach and Elizabeth Beach. The beach extends for 900 metres south before it hits the head and is backed by 216 metres of hilly scenic slopes.

Blueys Beach is named after a cow "Bluey" who got too close to the edge of the cliff and fell.
Blueys Beach is a popular tourist attraction, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

On sunny days the water can be mixed with dark deep ocean blue and aqua; common on the Mid North Coast NSW.

Both ends of the beach offer beautiful scenic hilly landscapes that looks like Mother Nature is cradling and protecting this little stretch of sand and water.

Each end of the beach has rock pools to explore.

Blueys Beach is unpatrolled so great care is needed if you choose to swim here because high swells and rough surf are a common occurrence.

This gorgeous little beach is about an half an hour drive from Forster and the road out to the beach is scenic; you may make a few stops on your way visiting other beaches like Elizabeth Beach and Boomerang Beach.

Blueys beach is situated in Booti Booti National Park.


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