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Seal Rocks Mid North Coast NSW

Spectacular! This is how I describe Seal Rocks.

Seal Rocks is a tiny village with excellent surf, a beautiful lighthouse and panoramic ocean views surrounded by National Park.

There's not an awful lot at Seal Rocks but it's impressive. Seal Rocks is a popular holiday village with a beautiful beaches and the star attraction; Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. The walk to the Lighthouse is through National Park which is an easy walk with toilet facilities about half way.

What is spectacular about the walk is the view of the ocean thundering through the rocks on the way up to the Lighthouse. This breathtaking sea cavern surges water through a tunnel that has been naturally carved at the base of a rock wall. The photo doesn't do it justice! When you first hear the sound of the waves crashing through the rocks and your eyes get the first glimpse of this marvel, you will probably want to stay and watch this spectacular display by Mother Nature for some time.

The drive to Seal Rocks is picturesque through the Myall Lakes National Park.
  • The Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse at Seal Rocks was built in 1875 at a cost of £8,500.

  • 79 metres above sea level

  • Steep walk up to the lighthouse

  • The lighthouse is 15 metres high

  • You can climb the stairs to the upper door (be careful in high winds)

  • The lighthouse is seen 25 nautical miles out to sea

  • The last wreck in the Seal Rocks area was in 1895 where the Catterthun, from China to Sydney sunk with a number of lives (it is debated whether it was 55 or 33).

  • Accomodation is now available at the lighthouse

  • There is a spectacular view from the lighthouse

Sugarloaf Point
You can see the mechanics of the Sugarloaf Bay Lighthouse at work.
The View of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse on the walk up to it.
It's a bit of a climb up but when you get to see the view you will thank yourself for making the effort.

View of Seal Rocks from the Lighthouse.

Those views!

There is a small garden planted at the entrance to Sugar Loaf Lighthouse and Banksia trees are also around the area.

Below the Lighthouse is a pretty walk giving access to Treachery Beach.

Access to the beach is 250m at the bottom of the lighthouse.

When the tide is out you will be able to walk around the rocks.

When the light is right, the water is aqua and the rockpools are a delight to explore.

As the name depicts, Seals often sat at the Rocks however this is rare to see now.

Seal Rocks is located 277 km north along the coast from Sydney via the Pacific Highway, the Lakes Way and Seal Rocks Road. And yes, seals live on the rocks at certain times of the year.


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