McBrides Beach NSW

McBrides Beach is a secret amongst keen 4WD adventurers as one of the most rugged tracks you will find on the Mid North Coast. Now I'm not a 4WD driver, I'm a hiker, and I decided I'd take on this terrain for myself to see how challenging this track is. Heads up it was challenging!

As I made my descend down the hill I wondered how on earth anyone would be brave enough to drive down and then back up again. The track is full of grooves and obstacles and walking down was a challenge. For more coverage on actually driving down I've found this article on tackling the McBrides Beach track.

The walk down was very interesting and I loved the peace and quiet except for the songs of the native birds. Then I made it to the beach! WOW!

McBrides Beach is beautiful and I felt like I was lost on a tropical paradise somewhere on a remote island in the Pacific. The Beach is surrounded by spectacular hills. I spent some time walking along the rocks and discovering lots of shells.

McBrides Beach is close to Cape Hawke Lookout and there is another walking trail from Burgess Beach (located at the start of the McBrides Beach descend).

You need a permit to take a vehicle down.


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