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Amaroo Cruises Dolphin Watching

Dolphin and calf
Mother and calf

What if you could be 100% guaranteed you will see dolphins on a cruise or your money back? That is the guarantee with Amaroo Cruises, Forster. Today I witnessed three pods of dolphins both inside Wallis Lake and out on the ocean.

I had actually been planning this cruise for weeks, but being the busy blogger that I am, time got away from me. Today, when I witnessed the amazing sunrise and saw that it was going to rain tomorrow, I decided to head down Amaroo Cruises despite it was Monday morning, a very busy time of the week for me.

Forster Oyster Farms
Oyster Farms, Forster

I arrived at 9.45 a.m. purchased my ticket and boarded the Amaroo. This Amaroo was launched in mid 2014 and is a huge 24 metre catamaran. She is beautiful and well looked after. The Amaroo was specifically designed for dolphin and whale watching and I can tell you she does a great job.

Whale watching Forster
Captain Matt in control

The weather was stunning and was the perfect day to go dolphin watching. We set off past the oyster farms and mangroves and our hostess, Julie, kept us informed the whole trip on local attractions and history.

On the subject of oysters, this area is famous for the Sydney Rock Oysters with Graham Barclay recently winning a People's Choice Award for his contribution to the industry.

We had only just sailed under the Forster bridge, when Captain Matt spotted a pod of dolphins swimming up Wallis Lake so he turned the Amaroo around and we went back up to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. And we did! As you can see from the photos below they played around the Amaroo for quite some time giving all onboard a great show. I even managed to get a photo of a mother with her calf.

After that wonderful experience it was time to head off out the breakwalls and into the ocean. All guests must by law wear a life jacket when going through the breakwalls however we were able to take them off once outside the area, and it an especially calm day so very safe.

The views up the coast were sensational.
Cape Hawke
Towards Cape Hawke

I often walk up Bennetts Head and to One Mile Beach however seeing the view from the ocean side was pretty spectacular.

One Mile Beach Forster
One Mile Beach Forster

Despite its name; One Mile Beach isn't actually one mile, 1200 metres the name comes from the beach being one mile from the local post office.

Burgess Beach
Friendly people on shore
The Amaroo served us complimentary morning tea
Amaroo Cruises Forster
Captain Matt

As we sailed down the coast we passed Bicentennial Walk, Bennetts Head, One Mile Beach, Burgess Beach and Cape Hawke.

Finally we found more dolphins out here in the ocean. They were the same as the dolphins on Wallis Lake "Bottle Nose" and they too, played around our boat.

Bottle Nose Dolphins
Bottle Nose Dolphins

Continuing on our journey and on the way back we had another surprise, this time we spotted the Common Dolphins and these beautiful creatures are playful and fast, reaching speeds up to 50km.

Dolphins NSW
Common Dolphin

These cheeky dolphins were racing in front of the Amaroo and were very entertaining.

The Amaroo sails most days at 10.00 a.m. (weather permitting). The vessel can carry up to 150 passengers. The cruise duration is approximately 1.5 hours and operates all year round.

Tickets are reasonable at $49 adult, $45 pensioner and $29 child plus family packages and believe, me for the experience it is absolutely a bargain.

Matt and the team are friendly, helpful and will answer any questions.


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