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Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

Butterflies are magical!

Visiting the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is a wonderful experience. You can wander through Butterfly Atrium and spot the different species, enjoy lunch or morning tea in the cafe, visit the dinosaur display, have a picnic and have fun in the maze.

Upon entering each person is given a wristband to allow entry into all the attractions. At the time of writing, I had the opportunity to visit the house days before it had to close due to CORVID-19. Let's hope this changes soon.

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is home to a range of species such as this male Wanderer (Monarch) I photographed busy sucking on nectar.

Female Lemon Migrant Butterfly

This pretty female Lemon Migrant is helping to pollinate flowers as it flutters along from plant to plant.

Male Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

You will have plenty of opportunities to capture some stunning photos such as this Male Orchard Swallowtail looking magnificent with his wings spread. They are very quick but with patience, you will be able to take some lovely photos like I did.

Male lacewing butterfly

A male Lacewing balancing carefully on a plant.

Female Lacewing

The Coffs Harbour butterfly house has a beautiful range of plants, waterfalls and flowers to make a wonderful environment for the butterflies. Above is a female Lacewing enjoying her beautiful home.

Caper Wing Butterfly

Caperwing Butterfly

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

The Coffs Harbour Butterfly House has a tranquil cafe offering a range of light refreshments. The menu consists of quality homemade food and refreshments. I couldn't resist a Devonshire Tea.


Take the kids on a history tour of the dinosours! I had a lot of fun doing some silly Instagram stories as these replica dinosaurs came after me! LOL...I was tougher than them!

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

The gift shop has a beautiful display of butterfly gifts for yourself or to buy for someone special.


The outdoor maze gives participants an opportunity to hunt for the hidden answers testing butterfly knowledge.

Next time you are travelling via Coffs Harbour a great stopover is a tour of this magical sanctuary.



02 6653 4766

5 Strouds Road Bonville NSW, Australia


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