Great Lakes Sailing Club Forster

One of the safest places to take the kids swimming is the Great Lakes Sailing Club situated in Booti Booti National Park on the Mid North Coast NSW (Now Barrington Coast).

With its shallow clear water, picnic areas and abundance of flora and fauna, the Great Lakes Sailing Club is the perfect family outing. It's also a great place to find some solace and bask in the wonder of Mother Nature.

There's plenty of shady paperbark trees to throw a picnic rug down underneath and take a break from the sun. The Lake is a safe place to take out a kayak or paddle board with the bonus of stunning views.

You might be lucky enough to spot one of the huge goannas wandering around the area like this one climbing a tree.

As well as plenty of birdwatching including Ospreys, kookaburras and other wonderful feathered creatures.

Across road is Seven Mile Beach for those wishing to enjoy waves rather than calm water. Although on windy stormy days don't expect the same stillness on the lake as it can get rough out there.

Other beaches close by are Boomerang, Elizabeth and Bluey's.



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