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Mid North Coast Artist, Gemma Stylz

Gemma Stylz

Gemma Stylz is a London born artist who now resides on the Mid North Coast NSW. She has been drawing since an early age and as you can see from these photographs, supplied by Gemma, she has some serious talent!

Gemma works with a range of mediums with preferences in Acrylics and Oils. She has an extensive range of work on paper in traditional pencil mediums and uses Photoshop, Procreate and Clip Studio to paint in digital mediums, therefore offering a diverse service for her clients.

Gemma Stylz

Specialising in figurative illustration, wildlife and portraiture with detailed embellishments, the style of designs was born from 16 years as a custom tattoo artist, working and studying in New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK.

Mid North Coast Artists

Gemma Stylz was previously the owner of Great Lakes Studio in NSW and since semi retiring from tattooing, she is focused on producing fine art and dedicating her time offering customised art services to a vast range of clients.

Emma Stylz

Gemma completed two Higher National Diplomas in Fine Art and Illustration with merits and distinctions at Northbrook College graduating in 2006 (UK).

Her known works are held in private collections internationally.​

Get in touch with Gemma for personalised art for logos, fine art, event art, illustrations, tattoo art, murals, custom skateboard decks, portraits and more.

Gemma Stylz (formerly Pallat) is currently resident artist and proprietor at Great Lakes Studio in NSW Australia, where she is committed to working on new pieces daily and curates regular solo and joint exhibitions. 

NSW artist


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