The Bucketts Scenic Walk Near Gloucester NSW

Here is a little secret that I'm sharing called the Bucketts Scenic Walk not far from Gloucester village and is accessed via Bucketts Road (off Thunderbolts Way).

Stepping out of the car you will witness the beauty of this breathtaking landscape as you enter the gate to start your trek to the top. The Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts Mountains) are the imposing rocky outcrops overlooking Gloucester. This area of native vegetation of 1370 hectares act as rocky guards above the peaceful Gloucester valley and farmland.

As well as breathing the fresh air of the countryside you will come across cattle and sheep. The path is easy to follow but be warned, you will need a certain level of fitness as it is steep and slippery in places.

It doesn't take too long to get to the top to witness spectacular views of the fertile farmland below and Gloucester village.

Once you reach the top you will see a sign that clearly explains this is private land and trespassers will be prosecuted, and rightly so. Visitors are asked to keep to the trail and take rubbish with you.

Visitors undertake the walk at their own risk.

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