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The Mullet Run Tuncurry

The Mullet Run is a yearly fishing expedition that is actually mostly on land! This seasonal fishing phenomena occurs during April/May pre-spawning period when the adult mullet migrate along the ocean beaches.

Mullet Run Tuncurry
They wait patiently in their four wheel drives

It certainly takes some patience by these fishermen as they wait for their catch. The commercial fishermen have special licenses to allow them to net the fish from the beach using both a speed boat and four wheel drive vehicles.

The Mullet Run Tuncurry
To pass the time as he waits, fisherman, Ryan does a little workout.

As you will see from my Facebook video below (I know the dramatic music - just a bit of fun) that it is a mad frenzy when the fishermen go for their catch. Some of these guys can haul up to 200 tonne of mullet during the season.

I spent hours hanging around to finally getting some photos with one of the fishermen saying to me "we will have to put you on the crew".

Twice in a row I photographed a rainbow at the end of each catch

The Catch

Video filmed an put together on iPhone


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