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The Tallest Tree in New South Wales

The Tallest Tree in New South Wales

One of most beautiful picnic spots on the Mid North Coast is the Grandis set amongst the dense lush rainforest on the western edge of Myall Lakes National Park. Not far off the Pacific Highway, north of Bulahdelah, this picnic spot is just 75 metres to The Grandis, the tallest known tree in NSW.

The Tallest Tree in NSW

As you drive along the Lakes Way you will come across a sign pointing to the Grandis. It can be a little confusing because it also leads to a home so just keep veering right. The road is a dirt track, but you do not need a four wheel drive to travel up the 5km. Along the way take time to stop and listen to the birds and smell the fragrance of the rainforest. You will know when to stop as you come across lush bush and palms.

The Grandis NSW

When you reach the Grandis there are a couple of picnic tables to enjoy lunch. The area also has a toilet (just don't look down into it when you pull up the lid). It is well maintained and clean, but hey, it's the middle of no where so it doesn't actually flush. The 75 metre boardwalk leads to the Grandis and is wheelchair accessible. As you walk up towards the tallest tree in NSW, you will sense from the size of the trunk that you are about to witness something special. And you will, because this magnificent flooded gum towers over 70 metres.

The Grandis NSW

The Grandis is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy nature at its best. The only noise you will hear are the rustling of leaves and birds.

The tallest tree in NSW

When you leave this tranquil place and continue to Forster make a stop at Seven Mile Beach in Booti Booti National Park.

Seven Mile Beach Booti Booti

Continuing on after that stop look out for the Osprey nest just past the Green Point turn off.

Osprey Nest


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