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Hunter Valley Providores Tea Gardens

Hunter Valley Providores Tea Gardens

Every Saturday, the residents of Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest and surrounds are in for a treat! The Hunter Valley Providores visit Tea Gardens every Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to noon and bring a vast range of farm produce and foodie goodies.

There is nothing like fresh farm produce so if its good food you are after then put it in your diary to visit the providores on a Saturday.

Fresh Vegetables

Hunter Valley Providores Tea Gardens

At the time of writing this article there are food shortages and plenty of price increases due to supply chain and floods, so if you are spending money it's best to spend it on good quality and freshness. A visit to the Hunter Valley Providores in Tea Gardens can guarantee freshness and a wide range of produce.

Ricardoes Tomatoes

The Providores sell a wide range of Ricardoes Tomatoes produce and condiments. The tomatoes are delicious. My two favourite condiments from Ricardoes are the tomato chilli chutney and olive tapenade.

Ricardoes tomatoes


If you love cooking with fresh herbs, then you will have a nice choice from this market.

tea gardens farmers market

Other Treats

You will find flavoured olive oils, vinegar, biscuits, fruit pastes and a wide range of delectable cheese


The freshest and tastiest eggs I've ever had! Yes, they are slightly more expensive but as someone who loves her eggs I'm willing to pay a little extra for the freshness and taste.

hunter valley providores


To top off your shopping trip try some of the free tastings on offer. Delicious!

Tea Gardens Farmers Market

Grow your own food

As a keen gardener I encourage everyone to and grow their own food, even if you are in an apartment like I am. Container growing can still produce good crops. Wherever possible always purchase local produce and as a supplement growing your own will ensure you have fresh food always.

Visit the Hunter Valley Providores in Tea Gardens

24 Wanya Rd, Tea Gardens NSW 2324, Australia, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia, 2324


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