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The Coastal Brewing Co Forster

Fancy a craft beer? Then head over to the Coastal Brewing Co in Forster for a four-glass tasting session (as pictured above). Check their website for tasting hours.

I had the opportunity to meet the owners, David and Helen, and to sample a few beers. After my tasting, as a non-beer drinker, I could easily be converted!

I was first introduced to this brand when I had lunch one day at The Colonel's Forster with my brother (Kev) and his wife, Mayu. Kev had decided to try the locally crafted beer and he loved it. The beer he was drinking was Cellito IPA. For those of you in-the-know you will understand that Cellito is a local beach which brings me to...

All the beers are named after local beaches

Such as Town Beach, Seven Mile Beach, One Mile Beach, Boomerang Beach and the list goes on.


The Coastal Brewing Co recently acquired a few 220 litre Jack Daniel's barrels. 2.x Jack Daniel's 150th Anniversary Ltd Edition, 2 x Bourbon Maple Syrup, 1 x Coconut Rum (ex Bourbon) and 1 x Vanilla Extract (ex Bourbon)

The Microbrewery have filled these with their Keys Imperial Stout and put them down for 4 months – the plan is to have these in time for Christmas. At time of writing, it is all a bit experimental but we reckon they are on to a winner!


As pretty as these bottles are (pictured above) they serve a great purpose! Customers can purchase a bottle and then when they need a refill of their favourite beer they can just pop into the microbrewery and fill up for a very economical price.

Some beers are average in alcohol content and, some are a little higher.
Fancy a game of checkers?

When you visit the microbrewery you can have some fun playing games, purchase a cheese plate or just sit and relax knowing you are in one of the best destinations in Australia, enjoying sensational locally-brewed craft beer.

The Coastal Brewing Co have tastings throughout the year, generally summer is busier. Check out the website for more information on tasting

3 Dalman Street, Forster

02 6554-7886


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