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Vitamin Bead Gift and Clothing Shop in Tea Gardens (Now Bohemian Spirit)

vitamin bead tea gardens

Vitamin Bead (now known as Bohemian Spirit) is an Iconic gift and clothing boutique in Tea Gardens, offering locals and visitors a unique shopping experience. Recently refurbished by the new owner, Maxine and Warren Reid, the store offers a fresh and vibrant feeling. The main focal points are the stunning wooden counters and recycled timber walls.

You will notice the exotic scents from the diffusers created by Australian Native Flora providing a delicate perfume in the store. Infused with Native Aromas and finished with Quandong Seeds, these glass beauties will scent your room 24 hours for up to six months.

Maxine is passionate about the environment, particularly reducing landfill, so all packing is recycled as much as possible in the store. Therefore you won't walk out with a once-use plastic bag. The store offers a range of eco-friendly goods as well as organic skincare.

Vitamin Bead Tea Gardens


Vitamin Bead offers a range of bohemian-themed feminine dresses and tops. You will also find flowing skirts, linen tops, shorts, jackets, jeans and beach wear. Team up your new outfit with a pair of comfortable and stylish sandals. Brands such as Dream Catcher and Rubyyaya are favourites.


Search through the treasure chest of unique jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.


River Mint, Australian Bush, Spiced Bush Apple, Wattleseed & Coffee, Lemon Myrtle, Wild Rosella, Fingerlime & Lemongrass, Strawberry Flora & Vanilla are just a few of the scents available.

In any room of the house where you choose to use these candles, take pleasure in the cosy glow, peaceful atmosphere, and aroma that are produced.

Vitamin Bead Tea Gardens

Australian Bush Food

Choose from tasty and healthy Australian native food such as lemon myrtle powder. Using Lemon Myrtle Powder in sweet and savoury meals is a great idea. Add ice cream, mayonnaise, spicy and sweet sauces, and salad dressings to your sorbet. Bake some cookies or put some in your damper. Use in Asian cuisine in place of lemongrass. All recipes can benefit from lemon myrtle's versatility and distinctive Australian aroma.

Skin Care

MooGoo has expanded to include more than 40 items that can help with a wide range of skin and scalp issues and are distributed globally. Natural sun care products, baby products, and solutions for itchy scalps and irritated skin are all available. Making effective products with healthy ingredients that we feel confident putting on ourselves and our loved ones has always been MooGoo's ingredient philosophy.

gift shop tea gardens


Browse through various beautiful homewares such as baskets, ornaments and wall art.

Lemon Myrtle

A long-time favourite of Vitamin Bead is the Lemon Myrtle range of skincare and soap. Try the Lemon Myrtle insect repellent, which offers a safer and less toxic way to prevent bites from Mosquitos and sandflies.

vitamin bead tea gardens

Dog Friendly

Dogs are welcome at Vitamin Bead. You might even get to meet Savvy, a friendly and loveable staffy.


Vitamin Bead is situated 13 Maxwell Street, Tea Gardens and has a wide range of clothing, jewellery, gifts, homewares and accessories. Drop in and explore the unique range.

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