• Deb Carr

Vitamin Bead Gift and Clothing Shop in Tea Gardens

vitamin bead tea gardens

Prior to opening Vitamin Bead, the founders, Adrienne and Uli, were wandering in the traditional markets of Mombasa in Kenya on their sailing trip when they found a shop, with dusty beads linked together with cobwebs. They included antique African trade beads, antique chunks of amber, sand cast beads, ostrich egg shell beads representing many colours and stories.

The beads resonated with Adrienne and Uli. Adrienne had studied anthropology at Auckland University and although she did not finish her degree, the beads struck a chord.

The two decided it was a wonderful opportunity to fill the yacht with carved masks, hand woven baskets and, of course, beads. This was the birth of what was to become "Vitamin Bead".

Vitamin Bead is situated 13 Maxwell Street, Tea Gardens and has a wide range of clothing, jewellery, gifts, homewares and of course beads! Drop in and explore the unique range.