Wingham NSW

Wingham is a historical little town ten minutes drive west of Taree and was settled in 1853. The town has many National Trust listed Federation buildings.

The Historical Museum is open 7 days with a significant collection of memorabilia. 

Wingham Brush is a 10 hectare subtropical floodplain rainforest, it is one of only a few remnants of this rare rainforest type in Australia. It's an easy walk on a boardwalk with plenty of wildlife and fauna (1.9km and wheelchair access).

You will notice Giant Moreton Bay figs and a large colony of endangered grey-headed flying foxes (photo above). The flying foxes make a lot of noise. You will also come across Brush Turkeys walking through the forest.

On the Wingham Brush Walk you may also hear the distinct calls of the green catbird and wompoo fruit-dove.

Each weekend Wingham has a market where you can buy fresh, locally grown produce, hand crafted gifts, clothes, candles and more!

Wingham has a strip of shops including bric-a-brac, clothing, homewares, cafes, newsagent and more.

In October is the Wingham Akoostik Festival attracts music lovers to the town for three days of live entertainment, workshops and food and market stalls.



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