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Coastal Walk Forster

If you are up for some breathtaking scenery and a bit of exercise the Bicentennial Walk and Frewins Walk and finishing at One Mile Beach #Forster.

Starting at Main Beach in Forster, you will ascend up a nature walk to the first lookout.

Along this path you will hear the songs of nature birds, and in the mornings the Magpies make their beautiful sounds.

The walk continues down to Pebbly Beach after the large pebbles that cover the beach. I found the sound of the waves washing over the pebbles quite interesting and at first I wondered what the noise was, it's pretty loud.

If you plan ahead pack a picnic to enjoy, there are picnic tables, toilets and a children's playground alongside the track near Pebbly Beach.

By exploring the pebbles you will no doubt come across some beautiful shells.

A favourite spot is a swimming area called "The Tanks" which is formation of rocks and on low tide is a great swimming and snorkelling area. Despite the waves, a barrier is created by the rocks creating a shallow, calm swimming area. There is easy access to the water and there are plenty of chairs for parents to keep a watchful eye on their children.

Relax and take in the breathtaking scenery.

On this particular morning, there was quite a heavy fog giving an eerie sort of vibe.

If you continue past Pebbly Beach you will start the harder part of the walk (Frewins Walk) which will take you to One Mile Beach. This walk is through rainforest and has stunning views on the way up.

For those who need too, there are plenty of resting places to enjoy the tranquility.

And the views!

The best part of this walk it is a combination of vast ocean views and the peacefulness of a rainforest.

As you wander through the rainforest it takes you to a rather steep hill, so you will need to have some level of fitness. The journey is well worth it when you reach the lookout.

The walk up the hill has plenty of distractions with the ocean, birds and some beautiful Norfolk Pines.

Don't look down if you are afraid of heights though once you step out on to Bennetts Head Lookout.

As you continue on your journey, you will enter into tunnels made of the canopy of trees and bush. A delightful part of the walk.

I should mention that there are plenty of photo opportunities so if you are a keen photographer bring your gear.

Eventually you will come to One Mile Beach and the view is spectacular as you overlook the sand dune down to the water.

The walk takes me about one hour round trip.

Photos by Deb Carr


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