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Muttonbird Island Coffs Harbour

The Coffs Jetty and Mutton Bird Island is a must visit when in Coffs Harbour. From the moment I spotted Mutton Bird Island I knew I had to climb to the top, but first I had a few other things to do, like taking a stroll on the Coffs Harbour Jetty where to my delight, I spotted two sea turtles frolicking in the harbour along with other marine life.

At the time of my visit, NSW was about to go into lockdown because of COVID-19, and the vibrant restaurant precinct was closed, so I can't comment on the food in the area only to say my Fish n Chips from the Co-op were most enjoyable. I have a good excuse to go back now to update this post and explore some of the dining in the area.

The Coffs Jetty is spectacular and is perfect for photo opportunities. Once I strolled to the end of the jetty it was time to take the trek up to Mutton Bird Island. This alone, was most enjoyable walking along the marina leading up to the island, with the harbour on one side and the ocean on the other. So much beauty to behold! I spotted so many fish on this part of the route.

I was surprised when I reached the top of the Island that the walk goes right down to the ocean side leading to a lookout where I witnessed huge waves crashing down on the rocks.

The island is high and worth every ounce of effort to explore it. The first thing I noticed was the Mutton Bird nests, I never expected to see so many. Stopping to look back down at the spectacular views was a treat, so much to discover.

The Eastern lookout offers spectacular views of the Solitary Islands.

Mutton Bird Island is an important Aboriginal place, harbouring stories of the Dreaming.



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