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Nine Mile Beach

As the name suggests, Nine Mile Beach is a stretch of pristine beach of nine miles between Black Head and Tuncurry.

The beach is not patrolled and it has lots of rip tides so extreme care is needed if swimming.

Each day this amazing stretch of beach offers something different. From beautiful sunrises, calm waters, verocious seas and sometimes a treasure chest of shells.

The photo above was taken on one of the big swell days.

Birds that frequent this beach are crows, galahs, terns as well as the mandatory seagulls.

Nine Mile Beach is a favourite fishing spot and in April the Mullet Run takes place. You will most likely set eyes upon a pod of dolphins when walking up this beach, and to see them surf the waves is spectacular.

This entrance to the beach is near the Tuncurry Sporting which has a lookout and gives access to both pedestrians and four wheel drive vehicles that can drive along the beach from this point up north along the beach. South of this entrance four wheel drives may not enter which leads to the Tuncurry Breakwall.


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