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Tuncurry Breakwall and Rockpool

A walk along the #Tuncurry breakwall and a swim in the rockpool is a must do when visiting the area. The sunrise can be stunning if you go down earlier enough and there are plenty of photo opportunities. The Tuncurry breakwall and rockpool is a popular spot with the locals who gather for their early morning swim. One morning I even spotted a dolphin that had managed to get under the net that protects the beach.

The beach is protected by a net however do not think that this is actually a shark net, the net is more to protect swimmers from getting caught in the riptide and this happened to me and was very scary. Read: How it feels like to be caught in a riptide

The walk on the breakwall is stunning and it is not unusual to see pods of dolphins playing in the water, you will also be able to see fish swimming close the the rocks. On a large surf day, standing at the end of the breakwall gives a great view of the surfers riding the waves. It gives you a demonstration just how powerful the ocean is.

The Tuncurry Rockpool Cafe is a delightful way to enjoy a coffee or meal as you watch the water.

Other amenities in the area are showers/toilets, outside showers, picnic tables and children's playground.

The Tuncurry breakwall takes you to Nine Mile Beach. This beach allows four wheel drive vehicles access about 1 km up the beach. The water is quite dangerous with strong currents and is not patrolled so take care if swimming on the beach.


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