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Places to Visit Between Newcastle and Coffs Harbour

The drive from Newcastle to Coffs Harbour offers some beautiful stopovers between the two towns. Check out some of these interesting places.

Sand Dunes at Hawks Nest
dark point hawks nest

One of NSW's best kept secrets is Dark Point Aboriginal Place near Hawks Nest! This is the place to go if you want to go away to a distant area and spend some time hiking over sand dunes. You'd nearly think you were in the desert if it weren't for the ocean view.

Bulahdelah Mountain
Bulahdelah Mountain

Bulahdelah Mountain Aboriginal Place is located east of Bulahdelah township in the Bulahdelah State Forest. It is designated as an Aboriginal Place in recognition of the area's cultural, spiritual, and historical significance to the Worimi people, the land's Traditional Owners. Exploring this mountain, it is interesting to imagine what it must have been like for the land caregivers 4,000 years ago when they wandered this forest.

Nabiac NSW Mid North Coast

Nabiac is a small village with a popular tavern and café, cafes, takeout meals, butchers, gift stores, bakery (famous for its pies), grocery, farm supplies, and bric-a-brac shops. Nabiac is a nice little town with a beautiful riverside picnic place. You can take a stroll along the country roads while admiring the farm animals.

If you go at the correct time, you might notice that the water appears to be glass, or you might see fish shooting out of the water or bizarre representations of marine life, like jellyfish. Bull sharks have been reported to frequent the Wallamba River, therefore be cautious when swimming. If you have a boat, a day excursion to the Wallamba River is recommended.

Burgess Beach Forster
Burgess Beach Forster

On a sunny day, the water is a lovely aqua colour at Burgess Beach. Locals swim between the rocks; it appears scary, but it is actually a great location to swim as long as you don't go too far out and exercise common sense. Locals refer to it as the "Washing Machine." Please keep in mind that there are no surf patrols.

Wingham Brush Walk
Wingham Brush Walk

Wingham Brush is a 10-hectare subtropical floodplain rainforest that is one of Australia's last remaining examples of this endangered rainforest type. It's a short boardwalk stroll with plenty of wildlife and flora (1.9km and wheelchair access).

Giant Moreton Bay figs and a vast colony of endangered grey-headed flying foxes can be seen. The flying foxes create quite a racket. Brush Turkeys can also be seen strolling through the woodland.

Fantastic Views at Laurieton
North Brother Lookout Laurieton

North Brother Lookout is located south of Port Macquarie in Laurieton. Visitors will be rewarded to breathtaking vistas after a 5-kilometre uphill drive through a National Park and rainforest.

The views on the other side of the overlook are reached after a 500-metre stroll through lovely rainforest.

Billabong Zoo at Port Macquarie
Billabong Zoo Mid North Coast

Over 4 hectares of fauna may be found in Billabong Zoo. The zoo first opened in 1986 as a koala breeding facility, as well as a hand-feeding area for wallabies and kangaroos. It is currently known across the world for its koala breeding programme, as well as a substantial regional zoo with a broad collection of Australian and exotic animals and birds. It has been named the region's Top Attraction several times, as well as garnering various accolades for service and value. Approximately 80 species are on display at Billabong Zoo, and over 220 creatures are cared for.

Mutton Bird Island Coffs Harbour
mutton bird island coffs harbour

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve is a must-see for anybody visiting Coffs Harbour. This valuable seabird rookery in Coffs Harbour's core, also known as Giidany Miirlarl, is surrounded by breathtaking vistas from coast to islands.

Muttonbird Island is one of the few easily accessible spots in NSW where the migratory wedge-tailed shearwater nests, and it's a terrific area to view birds up close. It's also a significant Aboriginal site, including Dreaming stories and a plethora of traditional resources.


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