Burgess Beach Forster

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

It's like a tiny little hidden paradise and, when you visit Burgess Beach on a clear blue sky day you might feel you are on some remote island without a care in the world.

Burgess Beach is about a five minute drive from Forster town centre

The water is a beautiful aqua colour on a sunny day. The locals swim in between the rocks, it looks dangerous but as long as you don't go out too far and use common sense it is actually a lovely place to swim. The locals call it the "Washing Machine". There are no surf patrols so please take that into account.

Around the rocks, when the tide is out you will come to another oasis, a beautiful little beach that is totally secluded. Again this beach is not patrolled so caution is needed if you take the risk to swim there.

It's like being on a remote island
Check out the lookout at the top of the hill for photo opportunities.

Put Burgess Beach on the to do list if you travelling to Forster, you won't be disappointed.




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