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Rivz Cafe, Darawank Mid North Coast

When you discover that the locals flock to a hidden cafe in the bush you know you best go check it out for yourself, and that's exactly how I discovered Rivz Cafe, Darawank on the Mid North Coast heading into Tuncurry Forster.

Rivz Cafe Darawank

It was a cold gloomy day in Tuncurry so I decided to Google cafes in the area and Rivz came up glowing on Trip Advisor. Despite the cold gloomy day I headed on down for lunch.

Rivz Cafe

Christie is the owner, she's only had the cafe for seven months however it's doing really well, even in winter and that's saying something! Situated next to a caravan park and river it's the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, coffee or lunch.

Now I am a coffee snob! I don't think you can knock that inner city girl from Sydney out of me yet, and Soy Latte or Cappuccino is what I drink and if it's not Bonsoy I won't waste my time ordering one. So, when I asked Christie about her coffee, she told me she was extremely passionate about her coffee and food! It shows in her face, you can tell when a person has a passion for something. Christie is so serious about her coffee reputation she invested a considerable amount of money to have a top Barista (Ben Stephens) give a on-one-one master class for herself and team! I'm told that the 'pour time' needs to be 25-30 and today Christie, was at 28! So did my soy cap pass my stringent test? Yes with flying colours! And yes, it is Bonsoy as Christie told me she only uses premium products and ingredients.

Rivz Cafe Darawank

For lunch I ordered the tart (leek and pancetta) and it was served with chips and a very fresh salad! Christie insists on fresh in the kitchen, if it starts to look wilted out it goes to feed the chooks! All the salad and vegetables come from a local market. Rivz hamburger buns are baked locally at Lakes Way Bakery, their free-range eggs are supplied by Manning Free Range Eggs & Holy Goat coffee supplied from Port Macquarie (beans sourced from all over the world). Head Chef, Gregory Riding, is the creature of this wonderful menu. I'm told the Arancini Balls are something else! That's on my list for the next visit.

Rivz Cafe Darawank

After lunch, I took a wander on the board walk down by the river. The river was perfectly still today, it looked like glass! Despite the grey gloomy day it was still a beautiful view.

My lunch was delicious and a generous serve too. I'm glad I've discovered Rivz Cafe, I'll be dropping in again soon.

Darawank Mid North Coast NSW

108 Aquatic Road

Darawank NSW 2428


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