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Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Port Macquarie

Sea acres rainforest port macquarie

If you love nature and especially rainforests, then a visit to Sea Acres in Port Macquarie is a must. Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is an experience the whole family can enjoy.

As well as the boardwalk, visitors can enjoy breakfast and lunch either indoors or outdoors in the cafe. You might even see a cheeky brush turkey on the deck scrounging for a handout like I did as I scoffed into my wonderful Devonshire Tea.

koala sculptures port macquarie
On display in the gift shop at the centre are some of these amazing koala sculptures forming part of the Koala Sculpture Trail in Port Macquarie.
Fern growing on tree

The boardwalk is 1.3 km and very easy and enjoyable to walk along. If you prefer to go on a scheduled guided tour the time are at : 9:30am; 11am; 1pm and 2:30pm daily (subject to the availability of guides). I took myself and was in awe of the sounds, smells and tranquility of this beautiful space.

sea acres raiforest port macquarie

I was hoping to spot a python but it wasn't my lucky day today. Pythons, goannas, brush turkeys and birds are inhabitants of the rainforest.

Sea acres Port macquarie
The rainforest was a rich resource for the Birpai people; using the walking stick palm as a travel aid and making weapons using the second hardest wood in the world; the python tree.

sea acres port macquarie

As you wander through the forest on the well constructed board walk, you will discover an abundance of photo opportunities from light filtering through the canopies, ferns growing on trees, staghorns, birds, brush turkeys and all sorts of interesting trees.

sea acres port macquarie
The Sea Acres Rainforest gift shop is packed with beautiful crafts and all things representing nature as well as educational material. I was in my element in this shop and I'm looking forward to visiting it again soon.
Sea acres rainforest port macquarie shop

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre 159 Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

9am to 4.30pm daily.

Closed Christmas Day.

02 6582 3355

Fees are charged for the Boardwalk


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