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The Rainforest Cafe Port Macquarie

By Emma Jane Holmes

The Rainforest Cafe Port Macquarie

There’s nothing quite like freshly brewed coffee and your favourite breakfast at a café. Despite perfectly poached eggs and coffee just right, a café isn’t always the best place to say, read a book. Relax on your morning off work. Unwind, chill out. Who can focus on the pages of a good book with the children at the table next to you squealing and clashing their cutlery on their plate?

I’ve found a place where you can have it all. Serenity. Delicious coffee and beautiful food. The Rainforest Café is the perfect balance of peace and social interaction.

It was my third visit to the award-winning venue and all times I was the only patron seated outside beneath the rainforest canopy. Since it’s winter I assumed everyone retreated to the warmth inside, but today was beautiful and sunny and I was still the only one outside breathing in the crisp rainforest air.

There are signs fastened to the beams surrounding the tables asking not to feed the birds, so perhaps diners prefer to eat inside to save their omelettes from beaks. Whatever the reason, I was grateful to have the entire rainforest deck to myself. Sipping my latte, digging into my Eggs Benedict and listening to the sounds of nature around me. The trees rubbing together was like music, brush turkeys bustling about in the leaves below and birds chirping with the ocean roaring in the distance. If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t believe you were seated in one of Port Macquarie’s most iconic tourist destinations.

Brush Turkey

The Rainforest Café is part of the Sea Acres centre, and although herds of school children skipped along the boardwalk as part of their school excursion, you’re hardly disturbed. I could have sat there all day.

The café provides friendly table service with a generous menu of cakes and sandwiches, a breakfast and lunch menu and an all-day Eggs Benny if you slept through the alarm.

Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

If you overate, you’re able to participate in the boardwalk tour for $10 or take your own adventure through the reserve on the nearby walking tracks. Only a few kilometres from Tacking Point Lighthouse, it’s only a short drive to one of the most stunning coastal views in New South Wales. What a lovely day out with the family! Amazing food and exercise plus magical views.

You can find this delectable oasis within the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre.

159 Pacific Drive,

Port Macquarie.

Phone (02) 6582 4444


Emma is a contributor to North Coast NSW Life and Leisure and you can read more about her at


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