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Award Winning Cafe - Bent on Food Wingham

Bent on Food Wingham
The inside of the Cafe - Bent on Food

I've been visiting Bent on Food for a number of years, thanks to my daughter Em, who has lived in the Manning Valley for most of her adult life. After a few visits I met Donna Carrier who is the owner of Bent on Food and highly respected in the tourism industry in this area. Apart from her work promoting the Manning Valley and Mid North Coast NSW, Donna does an enormous lot of philanthropy work too.

Bent on Food Wingham
Wall art on the path to the garden

Bent on Food is a specialty regional foodie outlet for local producers on the Mid North Coast of NSW. The cafe promotes "local is always best" and uses organic food when they can with a high focus on sustainability by using local produce rather than shipping organic food nationally and internationally. Bent on Food learn about the farming practices of their suppliers to truly understand that what they are serving is from farm to plate.

Bent on Food Wingham
Farm in Wingham

Donna Carrier, has 18 years in the wine industry, including an Associate Diploma in Wine Marketing from the renowned Roseworthy College. With her interest in all things Wine and Foodie she has a desire to bring the region’s producers together in an outlet dedicated to regional produce. And, she does it well. The cafe is stocked full of local produce that customers can purchase to take home.

Bent on Food Wingham
On the way to the garden

Every time my family and I visit Bent on Food in Wingham we always aim for a nice sunny day because it is dog friendly! The photo (left) is my daughter's dog, Bundy! He loves coming to Bent on Food because he always gets Rudi's famous bacon!

Pets are welcome in the courtyard area only.

Today I ordered the Corn Fritters, served with avocado (actually from Donna's own property in this instance), chilli jam and Rudi's bacon. OMG....just so good! The reason we always go back is because we love the food, it's delicious and there's something special about sitting in the garden on a lovely sunny day enjoying good food cooked using local produce.

There is a lot more I could tell you about Bent on Food in Wingham, however I think directing you to their website will give you a much clearer picture

After your meal head on up to Bent on Life, Donna's Giftware and Craft store just a couple of doors up the street. And, if you love country life, here are some photos I captured today when I was in Wingham.


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