Cape Hawke Lookout

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Cape Hawke Lookout is a must see when visiting Forster, you will need some level of fitness though to climb up the steps and slope (450m) although there are rest stops with seating on the walk. In summer, be aware of the mosquitoes, especially after rain, because they are vicious so take insect repellent with you. Be assured that the view on the Cape Hawke Lookout, once you reach the top, is worth the exercise and possible attack by mosquitoes.

Walking through the rainforest up to Cape Hawke Lookout you will hear the songs of the birds and enjoy a truly tranquil space.

Once you have finished your climb you will set eyes on the Cape Hawke Lookout and then a little more climbing before you then experience one of the most spectacular views ever.

At the top of the lookout you will be able to see Booti Booti to the south, and Wallingat National Park beyond and slightly to the west. On a clear day you can also see Barrington Tops and Crowdy Bay National Park. In winter you may even see whales migrating.

Needless to say, don't climb the tower in a thunderstorm or you may never be coming back down.

Cape Hawke Lookout is just a five minute trip from Forster. The road up to the Lookout carpark is very steep and on the way back down you will see spectacular views. The drive up to Cape Hawke Lookout is quite surprising; it's almost rural with beautiful land and houses.

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